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Source: Play Expo Manchester

We’ve announced a lot of exciting content for PLAY Expo Manchester, so much so we’ve no doubt it’s getting hard for you all to keep track!

Here’s the full list of exhibitors, features, guests, and gaming content you have to look forward to with links to the full articles. We’ll keep updating this page as more gets announced!

Floorplan – Make sure you don’t get lost this weekend!
Talks Stage & Streaming Stage Schedule
– Make sure you don’t miss out on any of our guest talks and panels!
Tournaments Schedule – Got a taste for tournaments? We’ve got plenty to choose from!

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The Playstation Revolution – The third instalment of the ‘From Bedrooms To Billions’ film series is coming to PLAY Expo Manchester!
Spectrum Next Feature –  Meet the developers, discuss the hardware and see what games are currently in development.
Cosplay Masquerade
– Be in with a chance to win £200 by entering PLAY Expo Manchester’s Cosplay Masquerade.
Knightmare Live! – The critically acclaimed stage adaptation of the cult TV show Knightmare is coming to PLAY Expo Manchester!
Knightmare TV Show Panel – Come and talk to the guys behind the cult classic Knightmare!
The Dark Room – John Robertson is bringing his critically acclaimed show The Dark Room! Ya Die!
Breakout Escape Rooms – Breakout Manchester are bringing 4 of their highly appraised escape rooms!
Streamers Connected – #StreamersConnected are bringing their community, booth and a stage packed full of content live!

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Jet Set Willy Creator, Matthew Smith – He’ll be joining us to celebrate the 35th birthday of this beloved retro classic!
Knightmare’s Treguard, Hugo Myatt – Ooh Nasty! Treguard will be taking part in our Knightmare Panel and photo opportunities!
Knightmare Artist, David Rowe – The man behind Knightmare’s dungeon backdrops and the cover arts of some of the best retro games around!
Official Hog Of War, Jake Habgood – Ex Gremlin, Hog Of War Creator, Steel Minions Manager and full-time teacher!
YouTubers & Panel Talk – Slope’s Game Room, Kim Justice, Top Hat Gaming Man, and Octav1us!
Steve McNeil – Co-Creator of WiFi Wars & Go 8 Bit, Steve McNeill joins us!

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Manchester Battle Arena – MBA are hosting a fun-filled weekend of fighting game tournaments at PLAY Expo Manchester!
StreetSmash Manchester – Want a chance at showing your smash skills? 
RetroCollect – 10 TV’s of cruel retrogaming concoctions with bragging rights on the line!

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Fan Boy Three & Asmodee UK – Get a taste of all the best tabletop, card, and board games.
 – The team from Antstream will be here all weekend with their new retro games streaming service.
Fortnite – One of the most beloved battle-royales makes it’s way to Manchester!
Northern Lights Pinball – NLP are bringing pinball perfection to PLAY Expo Manchester!
Arcade Zone – We couldn’t have pinballs without arcade cabinets. Over 100 of them to be exact!
Ken Sei Mogura Street Fighter 2 – The rarest, most unusual Street Fighter Mashup machine ever!
Space Harrier Deluxe – Our most requested classic cab is finally coming to Manchester!
Classic PC Gaming Showcase – Point-and-clicks, FPS, RPGs and more, come and play some of PC Gaming’s finest!
Retro Rarity Showcase – Play some of retrogaming’s rarest consoles this year at PLAY Expo Manchester!
Retro Gaming – Play all of your childhood favourites. Close to 500 playable titles.
Next-Gen Zone – Play the latest AAA titles.
Virtual Reality – Delve into a virtual world on the latest in VR technology
Minecraft – Massive Multiplayer Minecraft is coming to PLAY Expo Manchester
LAN Gaming – You might not host LAN parties anymore, but we do!
Rhythm Games – Whether you have the musicality of Mozart, or are just plain tone-deaf there’s something for everyone!

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Trading Zone – Take home some retro-inspired merchandise
Indie Zone – Take a sneak peak at some of our confirmed indie titles.