Animaniacs & Crash Bandicoot star Jess Harnell on his way to Scotland

Source: MCM Scotland

♫ It’s time for Ani-mani-acs! ♫ Come join top voice actor Jess Harnell, who starred as the lovably goofy Wakko in soon-to-be-rebooted classic cartoon Animaniacs, for both days of MCM Scotland. Jess is also well known as the voice of Crash in the long-running Crash Bandicoot game series, and for playing Ironhide and Barricade in Michael Bay’s blockbuster Transformers franchise.

A prolific talent, Jess Harnell has far too many credits to list here, voicing characters in a host of animated movies from Minions, Wreck-It Ralph and Toy Story 3 to Up, Ponyo and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Meanwhile, the New Jersey-born actor and singer’s small screen career includes shows such as Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Sofia the First, Drawn Together, Totally Spies!, Kulipari: An Army of Frogs and Biker Mice from Mars.

— This news story is for September 2018’s MCM Scotland Comic Con —