Colin Baker

Source: Showmasters Birmingham

Colin Baker is perhaps best known for his role on Doctor Who. The sixth actor to play quirky time traveller, he took the reigns from 1983-86. Travelling the universe in his trademark brightly coloured jacket, he fought a myriad of monsters and aliens, including the Daleks and the Cybermen, and lived to tell the tale, eventually being forced to regenerate following a crash landing on a barren planet.

Colin has an extensive career in acting, dating back to the mid-fifties. He appeared in many TV series, such as The Brothers, Blake’s 7, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Famous Five, Jonathan Creek, The Bill, Casualty, Hollyoaks and Hustle. 

He played Charles Dickens in 2015’s A Christmas Carol, and appeared in fan-made series Star Trek Continues.

Colin is always happy to meet his fans, and will be waiting at Collectormania 2019 on Saturday only. 


By Danielle Allen