Cops and Monsters at MCM London

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“Cops and Monsters” is an on-going supernatural police thriller set in a near future Scotland. Created by 34-year old screenwriter and indie film producer Fraser Coull, the series follows the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS) as they police and protect the supernatural community in a near future Scotland.

 When Maya Hedges (Ellen Patterson) passes the zombie training test to become a fully fledged member of the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland, she sets about on her mission to find out the truth behind her parents murder 15 years previously. However Maya doesn’t count for her hacker ex-boyfriend, Martin Carmichael (Kenny Boyle) being added to the team of new recruits by curmudgeonly PITS boss Norris Fletcher (Simon Weir).

Just as Maya gets to grip with her new responsibilities and protocols, a murderous werewolf, known only to them as Lycan A202, but is in fact Alexis Smith (Innes Anderson), starts to commit a spree of human murders, the new PITS team find themselves embroiled in a game of cat and mouse with the cunning (and theatrical!) Cult of Many Faces (Billy Kirkwood) who is desperate to rip apart the fragile peace treaty between humanity and the supernatural community.

In 2017 the team successfully crowdfunded the budget for the 8th and final episode of series 1, raising over £15000 to shoot the episodes over two years, starting in 2015. The episodes were released via their YouTube channel along with behind the scenes videos, cast and crew interviews and more.

Series 1 featured guest stars such as Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who), Rachel Teate (Wolfblood), James Mackenzie (Raven), Leona Kate Vaughan (Wolfblood), James Payton (Harry Potter), Caitlin Blackwood (Doctor Who) and Katrina Bryan (Nina and the Neurons), working alongside upcoming actors including Simon Weir (Trainspotting 2) and Chris Bain (Shooting Clerks).

The channel racked up over 15,000 views and gained in subscribers when the team approached My Production, a distribution company looking for indie projects for streaming on Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime. Since its Amazon launch on October 31st 2017 the series has received over 13,000 views.

Moving ahead with series 2 the team have secured Debbie Moon (BAFTA winning Wolfblood creator), Philip Lawrence (Big Finish) and Simon Underwood (Wolfblood) to join James T Harding (Broadway Baby), Laura Anne Anderson (BAFTA winning team member of CBeebie’s OOglies) and series creator Fraser Coull to pen 6 x 20 minute episodes, which will stream directly on Amazon Prime UK, US and Amazon Instant Video.

Fraser Coull is the show’s creator, who wrote several episodes of series 1 while acting as director and one of the producers alongside Lindsay Dowell. Fraser came up with the idea of Cops and Monsters back in 2014 while attending a Comic Con event in Glasgow. Disheartened to once again see that there were no sci-fi or supernatural shows from Scotland being represented, and with a little encouragement from a supporter of Fraser’s previous work, Fraser got to thinking what his next project could be, and so Cops and Monsters came to be.

Scotland is so full of talent, energy and passion that I’m still, to this day, surprised that the likes of BBC Scotland or STV haven’t listened to a large portion of their audience and given us a sci-fi show to be proud of. Wales have given us Doctor Who and Torchwood, BBC 3 have given us In the Flesh, The Fades and Being Human (but to name a few) and in America you’ve got Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightening, DareDevil, The Gifted… etc. We are creating Cops and Monsters from the ground up. Fuelled by our loyal fans on Twitter and Facebook, we managed to raise £15,000 to make our 8 episodes from 2015 to 2017. Now I have set us this near-impossible task of first of all raising £1500 to pay these incredible writers to come up with new incredible stories set in the Cops and Monsters universe, and then the even more impossible task of raising £30,000 so we can afford cast and crew (and locations, makeup, costumes, props, music, visual effects and more!) for 18 days. Let’s see if we can do it!

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