Doctor Who – The Doctor And The Lady

Source: Showmasters Birmingham

Here at Collectormania, we have The Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. 

Sylvester succeeded Colin Baker to become the seventh Doctor from 1987-89. McCoy wore an understated suit, topped off with an unmistakeable hat. Like most incarnations of The Doctor, he squared up against both the Daleks and Cybermen, and regenerated following his showdown with The Master. 

McCoy has also appeared in several TV shows, including The Last Place on Earth (1985), Jackanory, Rab C .Nesbitt and Casualty.

Don’t miss this amazing Doctor Who guest. Come along and cement the experience with a photo and an autograph and show him some love. Sylvester is appearing on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June 2019, and will be doing a double photoshoot with Sophie Aldred for just £30, so grab yours now!


By Danielle Allen