What does ConventionSpotter.com do?

We scour the internet for UK Comiccon and Convention websites and re-share each post we find within 24 hours of that post appearing on the original website. For conventions fans, it brings everything together into one place.

Anything that we share tells visitors where the original post is from – we advertise the original website on every page we re-share.

I run an event. How do I get my event listed?

Our website can pick up and automatically re-share anything you post on your website, as long as your site has an RSS feed. Fill in the Contact Us section below, including the link to your site, and we will add it on. Your future posts will be re-shared on our next update.

If your site does not have an RSS feed, don’t worry – we can still share your posts for you! We can set up an author account for you on conventionspotter.com. Whenever you update your own site, just copy and paste your update into ConventionSpotter at the same time, along with a link to your own site, and we will share it for you. Your event gets more exposure with very little extra work!

I want my event removed from your list.

We’re sorry to hear that you don’t want us to tell everyone about your event. Email us at hello at conventionspotter.com and we will remove you from the automated feed list.

Are you looking for writers / contributors / reviewers?

Yes! We would like to hear from anyone who regularly attends conventions and would be willing to provide a review and / or photos from any UK events. If you have written before, please get in touch with examples of any online posts. Also do let us know if you are attending any events in the near future. We can set you up with your own contributor login, so all your posts will be credited to you. We can’t offer any payment in return, but you will be the first people we contact if we have tickets to give away for upcoming events.