From Mechanoid to Scrapheap…and back again!

Source: Showmasters Cardiff

Robert Llewellyn has one of those voices you can’t mistake. An actor and writer, Robert has appeared in several TV shows, including Corner House, Birds of a Feather and Bottom.

Robert cemented himself as an icon of British television in the 90’s, starring in Red Dwarf as Kryten the mechanoid. Alongside Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules and Chris Barrie, he quips his way across the universe as the faithful yet sarcastic servant of Dave Lister. Red dwarf originally ran for eight years, before taking a break and returning in 2009 with the much anticipated three-part ninth series. Red Dwarf’s twelfth series finished airing in the UK in November 2017, and is still just as funny as the hilarious first episode.

During the break, Robert presented Scrapheap Challenge, pitting teams of people against each other in a bid to create the best machine using only items from the scrapyard the show is set in. This was addictive to watch and ran from 1998-2008 with Robert at the helm.

He also has several writing credits, including one episode of Red Dwarf, several episodes of Corner House and TV movie The Reconstructed Heart (1992). He was the executive producer on Carpool (2010-11) and appeared as himself.

Robert is always a great guest to meet, so come along to Film and Comic Con Glasgow on Saturday 11th August 2018 and grab an auto and a photo with this amazing guest!

By Danielle Allen