London Film & Comic Con is BACK!

Source: Showmasters London

We are hugely excited to announce the official re-launch of London Film & Comic Con 2021!

With the positive feedback on the public trial events, coupled with the incredible roll out of the vaccine program and massively lowering rate of Covid infection in this country, we feel confident that London Film & Comic Con will take place at the end of July.

We literally cannot wait to see our incredible comic con family again. It has been far too long since we were all last together and everyone here is so excited about being able to not only enjoy our usual huge full on comic con, but to share it with all of you at what will likely be the first major European comic con since the start of the pandemic.

We have lots of exciting announcements coming up for you over the next few months, starting very soon with some amazing new guests! We have so much for you to look forward to including a few surprises to celebrate being back!

We really look forward to getting back to enjoying our hobby we all love, comic con.

See you all in July at London Film & Comic Con!

Jason and the Showmasters Team