RWBY voice actor Samantha Ireland to meet fans at MCM Manchester

Source: MCM Manchester

RWBY star Samantha Ireland, who voices Nora Valkyrie in Rooster Teeth’s much-loved animated series, is to be our guest at next month’s MCM Manchester Comic Con!

A former student of Beacon Academy like show protagonist Ruby Rose, the orange-haired Nora Valkyrie is a member of Team JNPR – pronounced ‘Juniper’ – which she founded together with Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos and childhood friend Lie Ren.

Upbeat, enthusiastic and always full of energy, the boisterous Nora wields Magnhild, a rocket-propelled war hammer that does double duty as a grenade launcher. Meanwhile, Nora’s Semblance ability gives her the power to boost her strength by channelling electrical energy.

Hailing from from Austin, Texas, Samantha Ireland also voices The Flower Scouts in fellow Rooster Teeth animation Camp Camp and played Freelancer agent C.T. in Red Vs. Blue.

— This news story is for July 2019’s MCM Manchester Comic Con —