Voice stars Jason Douglas, Ian Sinclair & Jason Liebrecht set for MCM Scotland

Source: MCM Scotland

A trio of top videogame and anime voice actors are our next special guests to be announced for this year’s MCM Scotland Comic Con, with Jason Douglas, Ian Sinclair and Jason Liebrecht all set to attend September’s SEC Glasgow show.

Best known as the voice of Beerus in Dragon Ball Super and Krieg in Borderlands 2, Jason Douglas’ prolific voice acting credits feature hit series such as My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, One Piece, RWBY, Fairy Tail, Psycho-Pass and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Meanwhile, his live action roles include Tobin in The Walking Dead, Satan in Preacher and Detective Munn in Breaking Bad.

Voice actor and director Ian Sinclair has worked on a tonne of top titles during his time in the anime industry, playing roles such as Whis in Dragon Ball Super, Brook in One Piece, Sosuke Yamazaki in Free!, Dallas Genoard in Baccano! and the title characters in Toriko and Space Dandy. Dallas-born Sinclair’s videogame appearances include Borderlands 1 & 2, Tales of Berseria and Street Fighter V.

Gamers will know Jason Liebrecht as Mordecai in the Borderlands series, with the ace sniper appearing in Borderlands 2, Tales from the Borderlands and the much-anticipated Borderlands 3. However, Liebrecht is probably most famous for his extensive anime roles, voicing the ape-like Beast Titan in Attack on Titan, Champa in Dragon Ball Super, Dabi in My Hero Academia and Syaoran in Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card.

— This news story is for September 2019’s MCM Scotland Comic Con —